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Мэйгэцуин - храм буддистской школы Кэнчёджи секты Риндзай. Также известен как "Храм Гортензий" из-щза большого количества растущих в нём цветов гортензии.

This temple was opened during the Muromachi era as the sub-temple of Zenkoji which was built by Tokimune Hojo, the eighth Kamakura Shogunate regent. Due to the destruction of temples in the first year of the Meiji era, Zenkoji was closed down and what currently remains is Meigetsuin only. Here, you will find the Hojo (main hall) and a hall called Soyudo (Kaizando). The Meigetsuin Tower built on the side of the mountain is the biggest construction from the Kamakura era.

Храм был открыт в период Муромачи (1333 - 1573) как в качестве второстепенного храма Дзэнкоджи, который был построен восьмым регентом сёгуната Камакура Токимунэ Ходжё

Hydrangeas of which the temple is known for bloom in June. Both sides of the approach also are decorated with many of this flower and the entire temple grounds are colored beautifully in blue, purple, and white blossoms. The hydrangeas soaking in the rain is a sight to behold and it is indeed a signature feature during the rainy season in Kamakura.

There also are other flowers and plants here in this temple such as camellias, plum trees, magnolias, and Japanese bush clovers while many Hanashobu (type of iris) are planted in the garden behind the Hojo. Therefore, it is a temple where you can enjoy both beautiful hydrangeas and a variety of flowers throughout the year.